I don’t know if she looks like Jinora but oh I had a try

Is she a little bit like Katara or what?

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turn down for wat

It’s a request someone ask me about (And requests are still open, just text to me :) )

So It’s a moment, when Korra first realized that she can bend. So I think at the beginning she was very happy, cause she knows that her parents (especially papa) would be proud of her, but when it comes to a fire (or to an earth) Korra was a little bit confused and scared. But then…we know)

Joining to the hair party

Lightning from FFXIII

My very old cosplay) 

I just wanna to practice ps photo editing

Just my OTP 

Fast sketch during the lessons C:

With new haircut of course

Trying to do Triss Merigold make-up C:

I really looking forward to this cosplay

Childhood best friend