they were just kids that I once knew


Submission Weekend!

Korra from The Legend of Korra

Cosplayer / Submitter: Mickeyjedi
Photographer: Izumi

Gee, I’m in Cosplayblog :3

And again Korra in our universe from me) But now we can see Mako instead of Asami

Sketches of young Kya and Lin. Tried to make them look more realistic)

"Look at me, Mako! I can bend!"

Well, I really don’t know when children realise that they have a bending power. But there’s so sweet, isn’t it? Oh, Bolin is always so cute)

Some of my cosplay)

Harley Quinn from Injustice

My sketches on Stick of Truth) They are a little bit older, but whatever

So that’s how i see them in our universe ) Korra is kinda tomboy who’s like to play video games, sckateboarding, listen to rock music, comics and another cool stuff) And Asami is preppy style girl, intelligent and calm lady (the same style as Blair’s from Gossip girl)

(Источник: emilyisafagit)

Speed portrait of Korra from me)